What MacArthur Park looks like in numbers

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The census seems like a staple of the American life. But for those who have recently immigrated to the U.S., it can seem like a witch hunt. Discover MacArthur Park census numbers and other statistics. INFOGRAPHIC.

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“Mama” – Still a staple of MacArthur Park

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Mama’s Hot Tamales Cafe is a staple of Mac Arthur Park in Los Angeles. Tucked on the corner of West 7th Street and South Lake Street, the exterior’s bright colors invite customers in for some good food served with a side of culture. Walk in and you’re immediately greeted by a smiling “Mama.” She's been there since the 90s, and has seen the park transform from unsafe to home.

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English teacher finds an unexpected classroom

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Virginia Trujillo started teaching ESL to students at Virgil High School. Her program was unexpectedly cut, but one administrator had a vision to use her in a different classroom - in the parking lot of Home Depot. Today, she teaches English to a changing classroom of immigrant day laborers.

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